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Lyncée to distribute Bkool trainers in Canada

Distributions Lyncée today announced that it has become the Canadian distributor of Bkool bike trainers.

This brand, based in Spain, has developed two main bike trainers: Bkool Smart Go and Bkool Smart Pro. Bkool’s smart trainers are unique in the market thanks to their advanced simulator, high-performance analytics platform, ease of use and competitive pricing. Used with the Bkool simulator, Smart Pro and Smart Go trainers offer a wide variety of features, including the ability for users to create their very own routes and bike leagues, compete with players from around the world, enjoy ultra-realistic 3D simulations, and much more.


Bkool Pro and Go home trainers

“We are very excited to have Canadian dealers and their customers discover these innovative trainers. We truly believe that the Bkool brand offers an unprecedented mix of sophisticated options at unbeatable prices. What’s more: these trainers are the quietest on the market and are very easy to set up. It only takes users 15 minutes and they’re ready to use their Bkool trainer and simulator,” explained Nathalie Samson, Product Director at Distributions Lyncée.

Smart Pro and Smart Go trainers both feature a magnetic controlled resistance that reproduces the simulator’s hills and can achieve up to 1200W and 800 W respectively. In addition, the trainers support ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Retail prices for Bkool trainers start at $644.99 and will be found at authorized dealers across Canada as of August 2017.


The Bkool simulator

The Bkool simulator

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