Carogna Remover for Mastic and other Glues
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Carogna Remover for Mastic and other Glues

Product Code: EFM-1659

Carogna Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/gelify dried-out mastic or other glues, allowing to completely remove them from carbon or aluminum rims. That will provide the optimal surface for passing to our Carogna tubular tape… or use fresh mastic on a clean rim.
1. Spread with a brush a layer of approximately 1mm thick of Carogna remover over the entire bonding surface. It is recommended to completely cover the traces of mastic/glue. Thanks to the high viscosity of Carogna remover will not drop down, it will stay in place.
WARNING: immediately clean Carogna Remover if any excess goes on rim decals, as some might be dissolved.
2. Allow Carogna remover time to work: depending on the mastic type, thickness and ageing, Carogna remover might need more time to work. Once the old mastic is covered with the Carogna remover,leave between 2 to 12 hours. Try to scrape the mastic away using a plastic tire lever or an old rag. If mastic is still holding strong, allow more time.
3. When the old mastic is “cooked”, Carogna remover will have it softened and turned it into gel: it can, at this point, be removed using a rag or a plastic tire lever.
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