Effetto Mangiacatena chain cleaner
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Effetto Mangiacatena chain cleaner

Product Code: EFM-EMCHMC

If you want to clean the chain in a thorough way and reduce the amount of degreasing liquid used, Mangiacatena is the one for you. It’s the first chain cleaner equipped with lamellar elements at both ends, so that the chain can be cleaned by moving it in both directions, very useful also for e-bikes. Equipped with six rotating brushes and a sturdy handle.

*The best way to clean the chain with minimum consumption of degreasing liquid

*The lamellar elements at both ends retain dirt and liquid inside Mangiacatena, while the six rotating brushes - continuously wet with degreaser - also act mechanically on the chain

*It can be used both on the lower and upper part of the chain, pedaling in both directions

*Degreasing liquid or water can be added from above, without the need to open Mangiacatena

*Made of shockproof and solvent resistant plastic. It can be refurbished with the appropriate replacement brush kit

*It works with single-speed transmissions (maximum chain width: 9 mm) and 5 to 13 speed chains
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Retail price: CAD $59.99
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Cleaning with minimum waste
There is nothing wrong with cleaning the chain with the classic brush and solvent liquid in a tin. In that way, however, a lot of solvent is wasted without getting to a deep cleaning, unless you want to disassemble the chain and immerse it in the solvent. To avoid disassembly and clean in depth, we have developed Mangiacatena: the best cleaning with the least amount of solvent, in a short time, leaving the chain on the bike.

IMPORTANT: reducing the amount of solvent used doesn’t mean that cleaning takes place without getting dirty. Better to protect the floor with a cloth or work outside.

Dirt has no escape
The chain runs straight inside Mangiacatena, squeezed at both ends between lamellar plastic (PE) elements with the task of keeping as much solvent inside as possible. The washing is performed by six rotating brushes, continuously soaked in the cleaning liquid, which actively remove dirt on each side, pushing the solvent inside the chain.

Instructions for Use
You can watch the video, or follow the detailed step-by-step guide below:

1. Open Mangiacatena by removing the cover and positioning the lower part of Mangiacatena on the bottom span of the chain.
2. Mount the cover making sure it’s perfectly aligned with the lower part, then slide the locking handle in place until it is fully engaged.
3. Add the degreasing liquid through the upper holes (we recommend our Allpine Extra) until the lower tank is full to the “FILL” level line.
4. Keeping Mangiacatena in position with the side handle, pedal backwards for at least 10 full revolutions.
    IMPORTANT: the two lamellar elements at both ends reduce the waste of solvent, but slow down the sliding of the chain at least in the initial phase… so don't be afraid, just hold the Mangiacatena firmly.
    IMPORTANT: thanks to the lamellar elements, Mangiacatena allows - without wasting solvent - to pedal in both directions. To do this, we recommend keeping the rear wheel of the bicycle off the ground (using a workshop        stand or other support).
5. It is now possible to move Mangiacatena: release the side locking handle by depressing the thumb lever and remove it, open the cover, disassemble Mangiacatena from the lower span of the chain and position it, as already            described, on the upper span of the chain, for a second cleaning step. Add more degreaser if necessary.
6. Keeping Mangiacatena in position using the side handle, pedal backwards for at least 10 full revolutions.
7. Disassemble Mangiacatena and empty the liquid contained inside (dispose of in accordance with the law if you use non-biodegradable degreasers or lubricants).
8. Water rinse: mount Mangiacatena on the lower span of the chain, add water through the top holes and make at least 10 full revolutions.
9. Disassemble Mangiacatena and empty the liquid contained inside (dispose of in accordance with the law if you use non-biodegradable degreasers or lubricants). Repeat from point 8 until perfect rinsing. At the end, rinse                Mangiacatena with water and allow to air dry.
10.Dry the chain (rag, compressed air) and do not forget to lubricate it (we recommend our ecological Flowerpower Wax lubricant).

Made to last
Nothing lasts forever, but we have selected Mangiacatena materials and construction for a long life. We also provide a complete set of replacement brushes, Mangiacatena Replacement Kit, to replace what you wear without having to throw everything away. We have chosen to use lamellar PE elements at both ends, instead of the more common sponges, for their greater durability and resistance.

For single-speed transmissions and 5 to 13 speed chains
The chain runs straight inside Mangiacatena, instead of following a tortuous path, making it also suitable for single-speed transmissions (for a chain with a maximum width of 9 mm). No problem for traditional 5 to 13 speed chains.