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ESPRESSO CARTRIDGE Size & Quantity Option

Product Code: EFM-0075

Espresso cartridge 75 ml. Less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair tyres with sizes ranging from 700x20c up to 26×2.50 .
The flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso cartridge even with spokes close to the valve area or lenticular/road disk wheels (an exclusive feature!).
Thanks to a direct connection between the valve and cartridge, the special repairing foam (Caffélatex based) goes straight into the tyre, without leaks.
Available in display box/20 units
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Code Size Quantity Quantity Available Quantity
EFM-0075 75ml Unit 20+
  • CAD $21.99
  • Retail price: CAD $21.99
EFM-0125 125ml Unit 20+
  • CAD $27.99
  • Retail price: CAD $27.99