MaXx-D SYNC Mk4 - with BT Remote with REFLEX Technology
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MaXx-D SYNC Mk4 - with BT Remote with REFLEX Technology

Product Code: EXP-MAXXDSYNC4

Maxx-D SYNC has a smoother App to allow the light to be, through a smart phone, programmed to tailor the light output or burn time to fit to the needs of the ride ahead, mode changeable via Bluetooth remote. 3 LEDs with spot Lens and 1 with spread combine to shine far down the track and highlight the trail edge at the same time. Backed with 4400 of measured Lumens.

Together with Reflex++ will automatically give you the perfect lumen level no matter the ride . The Smart Port utilises the large battery as a power bank for your other devices for an overnight bike packing adventure.

Reflex++ automatically adjusts the light to provide boosted output when riding hard and fast then intuitively dimming for the slower sections such as climbs. This is all to optimise battery capacity, to provide extra light when needed and save it when not required.

Reflex++ achieves this by using data from 3D digital accelerometers including gyroscope and thermistors. It continually analyses the data to make seamless adjustments to benefit the rider, probably better than the rider can. In reality it is a form of artificial intelligence. The selected run time will be achieved by averaging the output over the period.

Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximise output and battery capacity. Once the light has cooled, the power is automatically restored.
Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast.

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